Wood craftsmen since 1957

A perfect union between tradition and modern design

The history of Liuzzi Falegnami starts in 1957 with the first experiences in the workshop of Pietro, the founder of the company. Giving a soul to wood, modeling it in harmonious forms, creating objects able to represent the personality of an environment has always been its mission.
Today, Liuzzi Falegnami is one of the most important artisan workshops in Southern Italy able to interpret a quality of excellence in the field of wood.

The Liuzzi Falegnami is a joinery on a human scale, where the value of the work is the manual one and the machinery are to support the sensitivity of the hands; where the quality is that of the wood; where the result is always unique, in spite of the fatigue that costs.

Born from the love for wood by Pietro Liuzzi, he continues today with the support of his son Francesco, to whom Pietro has transmitted the art of woodworking, the care, the attention to detail and the passion for this work.

Today the Liuzzi Falegnami represents a perfect union between tradition and modern design, a meeting place of the techniques of wood craftsmanship of the purest and oldest Italian tradition and the sophistication of new, modern and innovative products, all always of high quality craftsmanship.


The harmony of shapes, the precision of details

Ours is a true artisan laboratory where technology supports but does not replace the work of man

Furniture, doors, exterior fixtures, furniture for shops and offices: each of our realization is a unique piece, made to measure for every environment. The collaboration with the most important architectural and design studios in Southern Italy has allowed us to improve over time all the most sophisticated techniques of woodworking. The result of work and dedication are our products, artisan masterpieces that have their roots in the tradition of carpentry to look to the future of furniture.

A large, productive space where something special happens every day. Here are made unique, handmade pieces, as it used to be. Here, Pietro Liuzzi, his son Francesco and all their collaborators, work with passion and meticulousness, each according to his own talent and his own specialty. The background noise is that of cutting machines, edgebanders, abrasive paper that caresses the wood. The smell is that of freshly cut wood that merges with fresh paint.
Between hand-made sketches, technical drawings and pencils placed everywhere, the artifacts come to life. This is a true artisan laboratory, of those where technology accompanies but does not replace the work of man. Because everything is done by hand. And at the Falegnameria Liuzzi the hand is that of those who know how to work.


Unique pieces, handmade like it used to be

Artisan masterpieces that have their roots in tradition to look to the future of furniture

The processing of all our productions is made scrupulously by hand, with precision, patience, and the experience of the past. Each piece is produced on paper and only after a careful selection of the finest types of wood on the market passes to the production laboratory. It is here that the harmony of the curves, the precision of the details, become reality, thanks to a professional knowledge still handed down from father to son.

Everything starts from the choice of wood: its texture, its grain, its colors. Only raw materials of excellent quality that ask for the hand of man, because only to it they will be able to express their soul. The first guarantee of quality is the deep knowledge of the characteristics of the various types of wood of Pietro and Francesco Liuzzi. Only the experience allows them to capture the weak points, the small imperfections to avoid and the parts to enhance in the wood, to then find in the finished product the technical and aesthetic performance sought. Experience is the first tool of work.

All phases of the production cycle take place in the laboratory located in Noci (BA), from the cutting of the panels to the final painting of the products. The polishing and coating process of the wood is carried out by hand in order to emphasize the aesthetic properties of the wood and guarantee at the same time the right protection from external agents. Step by step, the simple wooden panel comes to life and evolves into a unique artifact that embodies the splendor of nature and craftsmanship.

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