The wood protagonist
of every environment
Unique pieces tailored
for living furniture
Hand-made works
as in the past
Wood specialists
also for tourism
The harmony of shapes,
the precision of details

About us

Liuzzi Falegnami is one of the most important artisan workshops in Southern Italy, interpreter of an excellent production quality in the wood sector.

Wood craftsmen since 1957

The history of Liuzzi Falegnami starts in 1957 with the first experiences in the workshop of Pietro, the founder of the company.


Unique pieces, handmade

The processing of all our productions is made scrupulously by hand, with precision, patience, the experience of the past.


Design and manufacture

Each piece is created on paper and only after a careful selection of the finest types of wood on the market, passes to the production laboratory.

New life for wood 


At Liuzzi Falegnami we understand the value of memories, passions and feelings of which ancient objects are soaked, and that is why we place our professionalism at the service not only of those who have to design new furniture solutions, but also those who want to give new splendor to ancient artifacts.

“The collaboration with the most important architectural and design studios in Southern Italy has allowed us to improve over time all the most sophisticated techniques of woodworking. The result of work and dedication are our products, artisan masterpieces that have their roots in the tradition of carpentry to look to the future of furniture.”

Pietro Liuzzi

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